AYS is able to provide the soccer program and necessary equipment because of the generous contributions from its sponsors. We are always in need of new sponsorship to help us provide good working soccer balls, nets, cones, goals etc. Please consider contributing to AYS with one or more of the sponsorship options below.

AYS is a qualified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and contributions may be deductible to you or your organization. Download and complete the sponsorship form, and mail it to:

Sponsor Coordinator
Friends of Albany Youth Soccer, Inc. 

P.O. Box 3769
Albany, N.Y. 12203

Please Direct Questions to:
Sharon Arthurton, SponsorAYS@gmail.com
(518) 253-2391

As always, We thank you for your support of Albany Youth!

TEAM SPONSOR with LOGO/website link. (Please note that 80% of kids register online!
Contribution:    $300 per season / $550 per year 

Details: Team Sponsors are given a single team. A sponsor can select a specific child’s or coach’s team or a specific age group per team sponsorship. The sponsor can select a team shirt color and a single color logo to be printed on their team’s shirts. There’s nothing quite like a dozen kids running around with your business’ logo brightly printed on their shirts while their parents shout the team name in support. It’s dynamic advertising to say the least!

TEAM SPONSOR with PLAIN TEXT (No Logo)/website link
Contributionwithout logo: $200 per season / $400 per year 

Details: (See Above)
 Website Sponsor:  $100 Contribution
Details: Website sponsors are given a logo link on each of the AYS web pages to the sponsor’s website. The logo link catches the eye of the AYS website visitors and can be seen on any page that the visitor chooses. Links open in a separate window to allow the visitor to visit both the sponsor site and continue navigating the AYS site.
 Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law

  Albany Youth Soccer Sponsorship Form  (Adobe PDF)