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In response to tomorrow’s expected forecast, the AYS staff has made the decision that games are canceled for tomorrow. I understand this is disappointing news for the last game of the season.

However, we have made arrangements for use of the cafeteria in Albany High School tomorrow morning where teams may still meet to hand out certificates, host a small party if you’d like, and return equipment.

To access the cafeteria, please plan to park in the same lot off of North Main Avenue, and use the side entrance of the school (the same doors we use for picture day). We will be in the same cafeteria where we take pictures for your reference. AYS staff will be on site to direct.

We invite teams to arrive at the following times to the cafeteria:

U6: 9:30am
U8: 10:00am
U10: 10:30am
U14: 11:00am

AYS must be out of the building by 12:00pm, so all teams must be wrapped up and exit by that time.

*If you have already ordered a Hot Dog party through the concession stand, we will still be able to accommodate this request and will have your hot dogs/drinks available to you in the cafeteria.

**If you wish to order pizzas, please have them delivered as early as 9:30am and no later than 11:30am and direct them to the side entrance of AHS via the North Main Avenue entrance. It’s probably best you arrange to meet the delivery person outside of the school.

***Please bring your ball bag/cones and plan to return them tomorrow.

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes, but I hope this solution enables you to have one last get together with your team.

Thank you ALL for a wonderful season. I’ll be in touch soon about the Spring season, where I hope we have 8 weeks of beautiful sunny weather!






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Game Schedule


[U6] 4.5 – 5 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time:  9:30 am
[U8] 6 – 7 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time: 10:40 am
[U10] 8 – 9 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time: 11:50 am
[U14] 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time: 1:00 pm

Note: Scheduling is subject to change.

    Albany High School Soccer Field                   (Use North Main Street Entrance)entrance


Parking Restrictions

REMINDER to: Coaches, Assistants, Parents, and Staff – On Saturday as well as practice nights during the week, please pull down the road and park in the lot. We value our relationship with Albany High and have been asked Not to *Stop & Drop* our kids on the roadway.

They can’t have a bottle neck on that road at anytime with their buses and especially in an emergency situation. Thank you all for your cooperation – Please spread the word…

Who let the dogs out?


While we love our pets we are asking again to Please leave them at home.  The school and the soccer league do not want animals on the field where the children play for safety and hygienic reasons.  We again thank you for spreading the word…