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End of Season (6/17) Team Parties

aysparty23 Choices for End of Season Party Planning (each team is responsible for their own choice/cost)  You can ask families or your sponsor to help and invite them to the party/last game…

Our Pizza Sponsors – To Order Give: “Team Name” and “Time” for Delivery… (ask them for napkins/plates if you need)

I Love NY Pizza 438-7600 – 24 cut Sicilian $20.00 
Sovrana Pizza 465-0961 24 cut cheese is $15.95
AYS CONCESSION PARTY SPECIAL– All Beef Hot Dogs / Drinks / &
A Surprise (for the entire team/coaches) $25.00
Place Order by 6/14 msarthurton@aol.com (Sharon) Text 518-253-2391

Who let the dogs out?

While we love our pets we are asking again to Please leave them at home.  The school and the soccer league do not want animals on the field where the children play for safety and hygienic reasons.  We again thank you for spreading the word…

Parking Restrictions

REMINDER to: Coaches, Assistants, Parents, and Staff – On Saturday as well as practice nights during the week, please pull down the road and park in the lot. We value our relationship with Albany High and have been asked Not to *Stop & Drop* our kids on the roadway.

They can’t have a bottle neck on that road at anytime (especially in an emergency situation) If people are parked on the entry road please keep it to “one side only” – Thank you all for your cooperation – Please spread the word…

Game Schedule

[U6] 4.5 – 5 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time:  9:30 am
[U8] 6 – 7 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time: 10:40 am
[U10] 8 – 9 yrs old Albany High School Field Start Time: 11:50 am
[U13] 10 – 11 – 12 yrs old Albany High School “Fish Bowl” or next to SoftBall Field Start Time: 1:00 pm
[U16] 13 – 14 – 15 yrs old Albany High School “Fish Bowl” or next to SoftBall Field Start Time: 12:00 pm

Note: Scheduling is subject to change.

    Albany High School Soccer Field                   (Use North Main Street Entrance)entrance


AYS Remembers

This year included members of our teams from coaches to parents and kids marching alongside those who chose to remember soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom during Albany’s Memorial Day Parade….